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Banburys Rewards Card

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Our Rewards card is available to anyone over the age of 18 and allows you to collect points when you make a purchase in store on almost all our departments. Collect points and watch them convert in to money off your next shop with us.* 

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Q: Can I use my Banburys Rewards card in conjunction with other promotional offers in store?

A: Absolutely! The Banburys rewards card can be used in conjunction with all other offers and on all departments unless otherwise stated. It is best to ask a member of staff if you are unsure if your rewards card can be used against a product you are purchasing. 

​Q: Where can I spend my rewards money I've accumulated?

​A: You may redeem your rewards money on cosmetics and toiletries, menswear, fashion accessories, lingerie, gifts & toys, linens, wool and haberdashery accessories, all homewares, furniture, carpets and selected ladies fashion brand. Please note fashion and shoe concessions will not accept rewards.

​Q: What do I need to do to apply for my Banburys Rewards card?

​A: It's super easy, all you need to do is fill out the application from below or if you'd prefer come in store and pick up a physical copy and hand in to one of our staff. Please allow approximately two weeks for us to send your new card via post to your address. 


*The Banburys reward card scheme is available to anyone over the age of 18. Points will be added to your card every time you make a purchase, this excludes restaurant sales and certain concession departments. We as a company have the right to cancel reward cards that have been unused, this will only happen if a card hasn't been used for over a year. Please ask at any till how many points you have collected with your physical card to hand. With the Banburys reward card you will be rewarded for every pound you spend. 


See full terms and conditions below 

Banburys Loyalty Reward Cards:

General Terms & Conditions
• The Rewards card Scheme is promoted by Banburys Ltd, (32-33 High Street, Barnstaple, Devon, EX31 1BN). Anyone over the age of 18, who registers their details can join. All Rewards cards remain the property of the issuer.
• The Rewards card Scheme is valid in all of our stores; it is also available for our Removals service.
• Your Rewards card is personal to you. We will, however, issue additional cards to further members of your immediate family on request.
• We can take any action we consider appropriate if we have reason to believe that you are abusing the scheme, including withholding points previously credited to your account.
• Banburys Ltd can cancel or withdraw the scheme or any individual card at any time.
• Banburys reserve the right to change the terms & conditions of the scheme, decline issue, or withdraw a card, or terminate the scheme at any time. We’ll always give notice of changes. We’ll display notices in store and on You can get the latest terms & conditions by calling 01271 311000 or by writing to our Head office address listed above.
• The Rewards card scheme is not available to employees of Banburys Ltd or any of its subsidiaries.

Collecting Points
• You will receive points on all purchases (excluding restaurant & certain concession department purchases) at the set rate of 2 points per pound, (equivalent to 2%). When you presen
t your Rewards card, in return you will receive not only the goods and services you have chosen but Rewards card points as well. The number of points issued may vary between purchases. We will not exchange Reward card points for cash.
• Certain departments, collections, items, and concessions may from time to time be excluded from the scheme, some may be excluded permanently.
• Points will usually be added to a valid Rewards card at the time you buy products and services included in the scheme. There may be specific occasions when we add points at a later date at our discretion, however, you will need to provide a valid receipt within 28 days of making the purchase.
• We reserve the right to change the number of points you collect on products and service included in the scheme. We’ll let you know with notices in stores and give details at www.

Spending Points
• You can ask at any till point your Rewards value when presenting your rewards card.
• Certain departments and/or concessions will not accept reward values as a form of payment against their products, please check exclusions in store.   


• If you decide to return a product which you bought we will deduct the points from your Rewards card that you collected when you bought the product.

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